Meet the Players Drama School Preston Team


Rebecca Wilson | Owner/Acting

Rebecca’s theatre story began back in the millennium when all she wanted was to go to drama school, ‘But mum I just want to act’ and so she did. The following week she was dropped off at the Playhouse Theatre, for her very first session at the players drama school. Her tummy full of dancing butterflies, reflecting both her nerves and excitement, she remembers that very moment so clearly, two older girls stood either side of the theatre doors, lots of children running past giggling and smiling. 

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Deborah-Ann Carter | Founder

My Story – I tell the following because I truly believe it to be essential to the school and my teachings. The adventures I had growing up are reflected in the schools artistic growth. To be able to have grown up in two fabulous countries that speak the same language but offer different sights, sounds, smells and touch undoubtedly form and shape our school today.

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Abbie Clegg | Acting

I have always loved performing and at the age of seven, I became a pupil at Players Drama School where my love for performing arts only grew. After graduating at the age of sixteen, I was offered the the opportunity to become a ‘Big Sister’ on a Saturday; a role I had always looked up to as young pupil and always hoped I would be one day. Being a Big Sister meant that I was able to gain the experience of being a teaching assistant at a drama school whilst staying within the Players family.

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Sian Davies | Dancing

I began performing at a very early age and have danced for as long as I remember. Dancing was always my passion and an obvious choice for me as I worked my way through school and started to consider what to do next. I ended up studying my professional dance and teachers of dance qualification at Preston College and qualified with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in 2010. Whilst studying there, I trained in a number of different styles of dance including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Salsa, Jazz and National.

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Anna McCutcheon | Dancing

Anna found her love for dance at the age of 3, where she took weekly classes in ballet, modern and tap. Furthering her passion she began training at Preston College Dance where she is currently on the second year of her BA honours Dance performance, teaching and choreography degree, where she trains in a range of styles including Commercial, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre.

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isabell Hughes Teaching Assistant

Isabell Hughes | Teaching Assistant

I'm Isabel, I have always had a passion for performing and was a part of a few different drama schools until I found a home at players. I have have trained at players drama school for a decade from the age of 7 to 17 and have since worked for players drama school as a big sister and teaching assistant for players in education. Players have given me a place where I can exercise my passion for performing as well as develop into someone who wants to do this as a career.

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Grace Ainsworth | Big Sister

Hi I’m Grace and I work as a big sister at Players and a teaching assistant at Players in Education. I have been a pupil since the age of 7 and still get to experience the love of performing as a member of the new college group.

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