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How much does it cost?

Please contact us on 07764 998771 or send an email to info@playersdramaschool.co.uk.

What is the uniform?

Our players T Shirts, with leggings for girls, sports pants for boys, and jazz shoes. We provide just the T Shirts. We are not here to make money on merchandising.

My child has no experience, will your workshops be suitable for them?

Yes drama is for everyone. First and foremost it is about communication. Every child loves to play and both children and teens alike have an imagination to explore and be explored, that is what we do… we explore… they already have the experience, we just let it grow.

Do you do performances?

Yes we generally hold 2 ‘work in progress’ showcases, and an annual show in April, which is generally a musical, so that all pupils may be involved.

My child is shy, will they be okay?

At players we like to think we are sensitive to all pupils needs, and this is one area we feel we are particularly good at in gently involving pupils in the drama activities. We have many different children with varying abilities, and personalities. If your child is shy, then drama is the place for them to learn to stand on their own two feet, become confident, outgoing and sociable. We are not here to grow extroverts, and if your child becomes quietly confident, then that alone will take them far.

Are you DBS checked?

Yes staff are all DBS checked.

Does my child have to audition to get into the school?

No, our workshops are for everyone.

Do you have first aiders?

Yes we do.

Do you have boys in the classes?

Yes boys have been a big part of players since the very beginning. They enjoy their drama as much as the girls. We have always been fortunate with the numbers that attend, however, some classes the ratio will vary.

Will my child be involved all of the time?

It is important to us that all pupils are kept active all of the time. Therefore we organize our workshop accordingly. No child, at any point is left sitting doing their own thing.

What are the class sizes?

We take up to 16 – 20 pupils in our classes depending on age.

Is there any other outlay?

Other than the monthly fee, the other outlay is for 'players T Shirts'.

Is there a reduction for siblings?

Yes, please contact for further details.

Do you do the L.A.M.D.A exams?

We used to do ‘group’ LAMDA exams, but stopped them. The reason being, we found it was too much pressure on both colleagues, and pupils alike to go straight from a full scale show into practicing for exams.

Do you sell snacks?

We do not sell snacks, but the pupils have a 15 minute break, where they may have a little snack, and drink.

I don’t think my boy will like dancing

The dance is designed to suit dancers and non-dancers alike. Generally we find most pupils do enjoy the dance. The reason I introduced it to the syllabus all those years ago was to help develop pupils movement, for every day, and as good movers when performing.

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