Frequently Asked Questions

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Please contact us on 07764 998771 or send an email to

Yes we do offer a sibling discount, please contact us to find out about fees.

Once your child has settled in we ask that all pupils wear our uniform. Black leggings/tracksuit bottoms and a players t-shirt. Personalised hoodies are optional. You can order uniform through the link below.

Yes drama is for everyone and we ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcome.

All groups have two showcases every year, one in summer, and the other at Christmas. We also stage big shows every other year, with performances across four nights at the prestigious Preston Playhouse Theatre. Additionally, we also have our Player Productions which runs within the Easter and summer holidays, providing students with another opportunity to get on the stage.

At Players, we take pride in our ability to cater to the diverse needs of all students, particularly in our approach to drama activities. With a wide range of children, each with their unique abilities and personalities, our team is skilled at gently guiding every child towards success. Drama is an excellent platform for shy children to develop self-confidence, social skills, and become more outgoing. Our aim is not to create extroverts, but to help every child become quietly confident, which can take them a long way in life.

Boys have always been an integral part of our school, with the same level of enthusiasm for all three disciplines as girls. The girl to-boy ratio fluctuates in each class.

At our workshops, we place great importance on ensuring that all pupils remain active and involved. For this reason, all lessons are structured in a way that ensures that no child is ever left sitting out on their own.

We used to do ‘group’ LAMDA exams, but stopped them. The reason being, we found it was too much pressure on both colleagues, and pupils alike to go straight from a full scale show into practicing for exams.

We do not sell snacks, but the pupils have a 15 minute break, where they may have a little snack, and drink.