The Players Group A – The College Group

School Years 12 & 13 Wednesday Workshop

In 2022, we launched our players college group. When a group of students who had been with the school for over ten years approached me about staying with the school while they attended college, I just couldn’t say no. After all, why leave at 16 when you can stay until 18?

Not only does this group help students hone their performing arts skills but prepares them for a range of next steps, including drama school auditions, external show auditions, university, and job interviews.

We are committed to providing the knowledge and skills our students need to succeed in their next chapter of life.

We believe that the skills and experiences they gain through these years will give them a strong foundation for success in their future studies and careers. We remain committed to providing the highest quality training and support, and we look forward to seeing our students continue to thrive and succeed both on and off the stage.

At the heart of our program is the “players family” that our students have come to cherish. We believe that this sense of camaraderie is essential for their personal growth and development, and we are proud to have fostered such a supportive environment.

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Wednesday 18:00 – 21:00

School Years

12 & 13


Preston’s College, St Vincent’s Rd, Preston, Lancs, PR2 8UR

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teen group acting


Our college group drama classes offer an exceptional platform for young adults looking to pursue careers in the industry and individuals who want to continue exploring their creative talents. We not only encourage students to explore a diverse range of acting techniques and methods but also empower them to discover and refine their unique artistic voices.

Every year, our curriculum includes unique projects and performances that challenge and inspire our students, allowing them to delve into more mature themes and encouraging them to confront complex societal issues through their artistry.
Writing is a powerful tool, and we empower students to explore their storytelling abilities. Whether they’re crafting short scenes or monologues, they’ll gain an appreciation for the art of dramatic writing.

In addition to nurturing creative abilities, our classes offer practical guidance that proves invaluable to those applying for university, apprenticeships, jobs or considering a future in theatre. We provide thorough interview preparation and audition readiness training, helping students prepare for their next steps in life.
Each year, our students eagerly anticipate the opportunity to showcase their talents in a unique Halloween performance. This tradition serves as a delightful culmination of their hard work, captivating and entertaining younger pupils with their artistic skills and boundless creativity.

teen groups singing


Our college group singing lessons are designed to help students improve their vocal skills through a comprehensive warm-up routine that includes physical and vocal exercises. We emphasise essential techniques like proper breathing, posture, and diction to enhance students’ singing abilities.

In addition to teaching fundamental techniques, we offer various methods to help students articulate better, reach higher or lower notes, and stress the importance of proper breathing throughout a song. Our program also introduces a range of music genres such as musical theatre, pop and jazz, to expand students’ knowledge of music and singing.

Our group class is dedicated to teaching audition techniques to college students. The goal is to provide students with two contrasting numbers to perform during rep week, giving them an authentic audition experience and enabling them to receive comprehensive feedback and constructive criticism. This course is ideal not only for auditions, but also for building confidence when attending university and job interviews.

Our immersive approach involves learning one song during each two-week session. The first week is devoted to learning the lyrics and melody, while the second week is dedicated to analysing the song in more detail. Our singing teachers aim to create a supportive and nurturing environment for our students to explore and develop their unique voice. Ultimately, enhancing their singing abilities but also cultivates self-expression and confidence through music.

Teen Group Dance


Our College Group’s dance classes challenge students with higher intensity warm-ups, strength training, and complex corner variations, incorporating techniques like side and back kicks, double turns, and larger jumps. The curriculum covers Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Commercial styles to create versatile dancers ready for the performing arts industry.

In the college group our dance techniques advance to showcase dynamic changes, light and shade, and engaging storytelling through our routines. We provide all our students with handy “Practice Prompts” that highlight the key points to keep in mind while performing any of the technical steps, ensuring safe and accurate execution.

To prepare students for the industry, university programs, and external shows, mock auditions are conducted each term. This helps them to practice under pressure, gain new skills and improve their performance level. Additionally, one-on-one feedback is provided to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, set targets, and develop their skills during studio time. Throughout lessons, improvisation and creative tasks are used to enhance pupils’ choreographic ideas, improve their freedom of movement, and sharpen their ability to think on the spot. This encourages independent thinking and fosters the development of confident and unique performers.

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