Deborah-Ann Carter


My Story – I tell the following because I truly believe it to be essential to the school and my teachings. The adventures I had growing up are reflected in the schools artistic growth. To be able to have grown up in two fabulous countries that speak the same language but offer different sights, sounds, smells and touch undoubtedly form and shape our school today.

I have a great interest in people and am fascinated by their history all this leading to the drama school and creating adventures every week.

Preston has been my home for some time but my original home was California, not just one place but several places and this I have my British parents Brian & Brenda to thank for being what I coin ~ ‘Conservative Boujouir Bohemians’. Their love and passion for life has definitely passed on down to my sister and I. Their great adventure and’ loving all’ was definitely a good starting point, seeing and understanding the beauty that surrounds us every day no matter how small.

Off we would go into the Californian wilderness with our VW Campervan, always exploring… A Happy Hippie indeed!!! We had the biggest playground in the world, Some things admittedly we did not wish to explore or indeed experience such as the Tarantula’s own campsite, a hungry bear or the wild cat and her cubs but the familiar echo of ‘Time To Get In The Van Girls,’ was always met with an excited calmness. It was a thrill and the adventures kept coming.

Our house was loaded with art books and this I feel influences the visuals that is my stamp in our drama schools productions. My parents decided to move back to England, a first for my sister and I, and this is where I started my theatre training at the gorgeous Preston Playhouse. They had a youth theatre that met once a week for 2 hours, and this is where I could meet like minded people with whom I am still great friends today. Then it was on to Mountview Theatre School in London. What a fabulous vibrant city, I was in love instantly. I then returned to America in the 80’s for 4 years and worked in T.V, Commercial & the Film Industry in Pennsylvania, as well as theatre. I was keen to work in all areas and lets just be honest folks … work.

A jobbing Actress is exactly that and I was eager to learn more and through sheer minded dogged determination and guts worked in various departments, from makeup, hair, costume, production assistant to casting. They were a great few years and I equally enjoyed working behind the camera as well as in front. Then it was back to England and soon after I started ‘ little players drama school’, and this is where it gets really exciting ~ there was at that time no ‘weekend’ drama school concept.

That’s right, no one was doing it, maybe down South but no one here in the North West, yes there were clubs, but not a school that offered diversity to children and teenagers that may wish to train in Acting, Singing and Dance, and around this time I was also offered work for the BBC as children’s acting coach. This not only enabled me to go back to one of my first loves filming but let me sit in the audition process and what is expected of children and teens and how to get the best out of them, besides trying to get into the minds of the directors … not easy, to give them what they wish. 

Recently I took a year out to work in the West End as Costume Supervisor and Company Manager. This stands the school in good stead as I could bring back ~ up to date information on what is happening out there now, keeping us informed and at the forefront.

The children would just not stop coming ~ So there we were the 23rd of May 1994 this is when the ‘little players’ started, and what a thrilling day it was.

With just £30.00 I managed to buy enough masks for Greek Theatre and flyers for advertising. So that was it, everything in place all I needed was the pupils, the anticipation, waiting to see who would come, and how many, and if indeed ~ would they come? Well they did come, no sooner had I got out of the car, when I was met by eager faces in the car park. So there it was ~ we were on our way. The masks seemed to go down well, other than the one child that was claustrophobic.

26 pupils arrived May 23rd 1994 (of whom I am still friends with today) who wanted to grow and be creative in theatre and by the end of the year we had over 100 in the school with 200 on the waiting list, of which I eventually had to close the books ~ that shows the need of a space for children to use their imaginations and play. Naturally it was thrilling to see the school grow but it was more thrilling to see these lovely little personalities come through the theatre doors each week, so keen and happy.

Yes, we have pupils who are natural born show offs and those that have abilities but it is those that are quaking in their boots when they stand up to perform or read that you get such a delight when you see that they start to volunteer and their hand is up first to do the activity. To see pupils blossom and grow and enjoy speaking out ~ is probably the best thrill.

So this in our 25th year I would like to say a great big thank you to those pupils from the very first to the very present ~ thank you for enriching my life that much more. So many many glorious memories, much laughter, a little tears, tantrums, sulking, giggles and a plenty of friendships made.


Mountview Theatre School

Work Experience 

B.B.C – Children’s Acting Coach.
Actress, Casting Agent, Wardrobe Assistant, Production Assistant.
More Recent ~ Costume Supervisor & Company Manager at Trafalgar Studios, Soho Theatre and Edinbugh Festival.


‘Day Of The Dead’
‘Spruce Goose’
‘My Kid Brother’


Various including Kodak – ‘Woman carrying balloons’


Various including Prime Suspect.
Acting Teacher- 26 years

Drama School

Proprietor of players drama school ~ 25 years

Meet the Players Drama School Preston Team


Rebecca Wilson | Owner/Acting

Rebecca’s theatre story began back in the millennium when all she wanted was to go to drama school, ‘But mum I just want to act’ and so she did. The following week she was dropped off at the Playhouse Theatre, for her very first session at the players drama school. Her tummy full of dancing butterflies, reflecting both her nerves and excitement, she remembers that very moment so clearly, two older girls stood either side of the theatre doors, lots of children running past giggling and smiling. 

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Deborah-Ann Carter | Founder

My Story – I tell the following because I truly believe it to be essential to the school and my teachings. The adventures I had growing up are reflected in the schools artistic growth. To be able to have grown up in two fabulous countries that speak the same language but offer different sights, sounds, smells and touch undoubtedly form and shape our school today.

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Abbie Clegg | Acting

I have always loved performing and at the age of seven, I became a pupil at Players Drama School where my love for performing arts only grew. After graduating at the age of sixteen, I was offered the the opportunity to become a ‘Big Sister’ on a Saturday; a role I had always looked up to as young pupil and always hoped I would be one day. Being a Big Sister meant that I was able to gain the experience of being a teaching assistant at a drama school whilst staying within the Players family.

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Sian Davies | Dancing

I began performing at a very early age and have danced for as long as I remember. Dancing was always my passion and an obvious choice for me as I worked my way through school and started to consider what to do next. I ended up studying my professional dance and teachers of dance qualification at Preston College and qualified with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in 2010. Whilst studying there, I trained in a number of different styles of dance including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Salsa, Jazz and National.

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Anna McCutcheon | Dancing

Anna found her love for dance at the age of 3, where she took weekly classes in ballet, modern and tap. Furthering her passion she began training at Preston College Dance where she is currently on the second year of her BA honours Dance performance, teaching and choreography degree, where she trains in a range of styles including Commercial, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre.

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isabell Hughes Teaching Assistant

Isabell Hughes | Teaching Assistant

I'm Isabel, I have always had a passion for performing and was a part of a few different drama schools until I found a home at players. I have have trained at players drama school for a decade from the age of 7 to 17 and have since worked for players drama school as a big sister and teaching assistant for players in education. Players have given me a place where I can exercise my passion for performing as well as develop into someone who wants to do this as a career.

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Grace Ainsworth | Big Sister

Hi I’m Grace and I work as a big sister at Players and a teaching assistant at Players in Education. I have been a pupil since the age of 7 and still get to experience the love of performing as a member of the new college group.

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