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Little Players

Reception to School year 8


Does your child have the imagination to turn a simple prop or costume into a living character? Creativity is a hugely important part of life, and at our school we love to get young people involved. Our magic box has lots of props and costume pieces designed to get young minds active, building their confidence and communication skills. They can learn important life skills whilst having lots of fun!


Pupils will learn much through play and this is important to us at players that children ‘play’ within the structure of our classes. players drama school are the front runners for part time drama/theatre schools.

Breaking new ground with our modern fresh approach but still respecting time honoured traditions. If you are looking for a leading group offering a fresh diverse approach into Saturday drama schools then please read on.

We recognise that every one of our drama pupils is different and has joined the school for different reasons, so the exact structure and content will be different for every group and for every pupil within that group.

We try and ensure that each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential and, this not only means that everyone gets a chance to shine, but it also helps the smooth running of workshops.

What We Do

At players our workshops cover the disciplines of acting, singing and dance. Providing our students with a full rounded experience and equipping them with a range of skills that will develop their talents & confidence and provide them with the tools to progress further in the industry.



These classes are jam packed with all the necessary juicy ingredients for starting children on their way to creative beings ~ Expressive use of body and voice. Acting Techniques, Playmaking, playwriting, Collaborative Improvisations/devised work. Voice & Speech to be heard and understood.



The theatre is a great platform for pupils to develop their voices – the emphasis on being ‘Make A Noise.’ At last, a place where you can make noise and it’s OK!



The dance classes are designed to improve strength and flexibility and an increased appreciation for the joy of dance. Our ethos is simple: we first train pupils in the basic techniques, then transfer that into a free-moving, contemporary style. Making classes fun and diverse – whilst all the time letting themselves go in the expression of movement and feeling the thrill of an open space – will provide pupils with focus and style for years to come.

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The Players

School years 9 to 11

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The Players