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School Year 11 Wednesday Workshop

Our team at Player’s Teen Group is passionate about educating and inspiring our students through the world of performing arts. We believe in fostering a diverse, lively, and instructive atmosphere that motivates all students to engage in our acting, singing, and dancing classes. Our goal is to ensure that each student leaves our workshops with a sense of achievement. We take pride in creating a supportive and caring environment that caters to each student’s unique needs, whether it is building confidence and communication skills or preparing to attend full time drama school.

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Wednesday 18:00 – 21:00

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Preston’s College, St Vincent’s Rd, Preston, Lancs, PR2 8UR

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teen group acting


In our group B drama classes, we take improvisation to new heights and challenge students to explore more mature themes and narratives when devising. This is the perfect setting for those seeking to expand their creative horizons.

Our curriculum goes beyond the basics, delving into the intricacies of character development, emotional depth, and nuanced storytelling. Students are encouraged to delve deep into their characters, to question their motivations, and to explore the emotional journeys their roles require. This approach fosters a profound connection between actors and their characters, resulting in performances that resonate deeply with audiences.

Additionally, we introduce elements of directing and writing into our program. This allows students to experience the creative process from multiple angles. They’ll gain insights into the director’s perspective, learning how to shape narratives, guide actors, and make artistic choices. Students will explore the craft of writing for the stage, crafting compelling dialogues and scenes that captivate and engage.
Students will also delve into the art of monologues, honing their skills in delivering compelling solo performances. This allows them to explore individual character development and emotional depth.

Every year, we embark on an exhilarating murder mystery project, allowing students to develop their improvisation skills in a suspenseful and thrilling context.

teen groups singing


Our Teen Group B singing lessons concentrate on improving skills through a comprehensive warm-up routine consisting of physical and vocal exercises. We teach essential techniques, including proper breathing, posture, and diction, which help students become more proficient in singing. To enhance their abilities, we teach the students various techniques to help them better articulate, hit higher or lower notes, and emphasise the significance of proper breathing throughout a song.

Our program also introduces a variety of music genres, including musical theatre, pop, and jazz, to expand their knowledge of music and singing.
Our teen group B class also concentrate on audition techniques to ensure that students have two contrasting numbers to perform during rep week. This provides students with a genuine audition experience, enabling them to receive comprehensive feedback and constructive criticism.

Our approach is immersive, and our singing teachers focus on learning one song during each two-week session. The first week is dedicated to learning the lyrics and melody, while the second week is spent analysing the song more closely.
Our mission is to create a supportive and nurturing environment for our students to explore and develop their unique voice. Our program not only helps improve their singing abilities but also cultivates their self-expression and confidence through music.

Teen Group Dance


Group B dance classes aim to improve the technical abilities of our students by increasing the complexity of steps. This is achieved by incorporating a range of movements such as Kicks, Leaps, Turns, Tendus, Travelling Steps and Jumps. The core, upper and lower body strength of Group B students are challenged to enhance balance, stability and the capability of holding dance positions. Additionally, students are trained to recognize dance vocabulary and combine technical steps into longer routines to test their endurance and stamina.

Hands outs are given to all pupils with “Practice Prompts” that target the main points to remember when executing any of the technical steps to demonstrate safe, and correct practice. Our classes delve into various dance styles, including jazz, musical theatre, and classic swing variations, as well as lyrical and commercial. Each style is practiced for several weeks, with emphasis placed on improving the quality of movement and dynamics to enhance the style’s overall aesthetic appeal and performance value.

Students are encouraged to develop their confidence and improvisational skills to allow for individual interpretation. When introduced to more complex music styles, they’re challenged to create a unique style of movement to express themselves and enjoy the joy of dance!

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