Rebecca Gregson


My love for drama started when I walked into the players drama school at the age of ten. When leaving high school and graduating from the players drama school I went on to study performing arts at Newman college. Following graduation from the players I was awarded a teaching assistant role essentially joining the players family as ‘big sister’. From then on my passion and drive helped me obtain my dream of becoming a drama teacher.

Over the last five years I have juggled my teaching with travelling and have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places. Spending three months in a camper van covering the whole east coast of Australia and a further three months exploring California has certainly been a part of my life I shall never forget.

After exploring the world teaching become my life and I am now fortunate enough to be able to teach each and every day. I love that the arts allow both myself and the children to create, imagine and preform and I believe this is a vital part of growing and learning.

The players drama school has played a very important role in both my childhood and my adulthood and I strongly believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these influences. It was fourteen years ago that I first stepped foot through the theatre doors and I hope to for many many more.

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