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Rebecca Gregson


Rebecca’s theatre story began back in the millennium when all she wanted was to go to drama school, ‘But mum I just want to act’ and so she did.

The following week she was dropped off at the Playhouse Theatre, for her very first session at the players drama school. Her tummy full of dancing butterflies, reflecting both her nerves and excitement, she remembers that very moment so clearly, two older girls stood either side of the theatre doors, lots of children running past giggling and smiling. She felt like a tiny fish in a very big ocean but all she had to do was get through those doors and then she knew there would be no looking back…

And to this very day she has never looked back. Twenty one years later she still walks through those same theatre doors but this time her tummy full of dancing butterflies at the thought of inspiring and teaching young children to love the arts.

Over the last 12 years I have expanded my teaching career, directing and teaching in many schools, I currently teach Drama part time at Our Lady’s Catholic high school and I run players in education, our sister company who run Performing Arts after school clubs. Over the years of teaching I had noticed how much the arts is linked to mental health and emotional intelligence. This interest lead me to train to be a mindfulness and meditation coach, and successfully start another business called vRai where I teach tried and tested techniques to promote lifelong wellness and good mental health. Many techniques also taught through Drama.

I am very fortunate to say I love my job, teaching is a huge part of my life and I now have a lovely balance between work and spending lots of time with my young family. Recently becoming a mother has made me realise even more, just how important the arts are for children to imagine, create and perform and I believe this is a vital part of growing and learning.

The players drama school has played a very important role in both my childhood and my adulthood and I strongly believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these influences.

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